“The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office has more than 450 employees and a 34 million dollar budget. I have worked closely with Sheriff Dick Meyers for many years and have a proven record as an effective manager. The Sheriff’s Office includes the following: The Winnebago County Jail (The largest jail in Illinois outside of Cook County), civil process, warrants and extraditions, records, 911, emergency management and court security. I am the only candidate that has, worked, supervised or commanded each component of the Sheriff’s Office.“

-Bob Springer, Candidate For Sheriff

Ensure the continued success of the Sheriffs’ Office by voting for Bob Springer in the Democratic Primary on March 18th

“He commanded a 150-officer Mobile Field Force to assist the Pittsburgh Police Department during the G20 Summit in 2009. Very few law enforcement commanders in the nation have that level of experience.”

-Jim Page, Executive Director of The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS)